New on the block

Hi all, I’m Matt and am a part of a team putting together a coworking space dedicated to mental health and wellness practitioners in the Olympia, WA area. We excited to be joining this form and looking forward to exploring all the insight and support you all have to offer. Thanks!

Welcome Matt, I run Radius CoWork in Erie PA. We recently helped bring together a coworking space dedicated to mental health professionals and wellness practitioners here in the city, Thrive Therapy Space.


The organizer of Thrive, Penny, is a therapist herself who felt the need to share space with peers and discovered coworking through her husband, a member of our coworking community for years. Take a look at what she’s accomplished for some ideas.

Hi Matt! I live in Erie Pennsylvania and on September 3 I launched Thrive Therapy Space—which is a corking space designed specifically for psychotherapists… I’d be happy to chat with you if you have any questions for me. Please take a look at our website,, for more information!


Hi Sean, Thank you so much for reaching out! In some of our initial research we actually came across Thrive and found some of the things that you all are doing there to be very much in line with some of the things we are hoping to provide (billing and credentialing support, etc.). It’s great to see that others are out there providing these great opportunities via coworking spaces.

Hi Penny! Congratulations on your space opening! In our initial research, we found your website and saw some of the great benefits that you offer (help with billing and paneling/credentialing) that we are hoping to provide to our members too. I would love to carve out some time to talk to you about your process, perhaps after the holidays. Thank you so much for reaching out.


Sounds good. When you’re ready we can schedule a phone call.