New ideas to keep getting revenues during the crisis

Hi, we are running a coworking here in Mexico and, as well as every other building, we´ve had to close our doors during this crisis.
We are trying to find out new ways to keep our cash flow running in order to avoid taking other extreme decisions.
We know we have to re invent our service, so we can offer something useful for our community of workers, entrepreneurs, etc.
So far, we´ve only came out with the idea of offering virtual office services and lease equipment as computers, desks and chairs.

Do you have any other idea? What are you doing to take advantage of the assets you have? How are you re inventing your service? What opportunities have you found?

Please let me know.

Greetings from Mexico.

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Hi Dania -

I would reach out and ask your members what they need right now - just call and ask. It may be out of your wheelhouse but I feel like we’re all wearing multiple hats right now.

  • We’ve rented space to instructors who are holding trainings for medical personnel.
  • Others are renting their spaces to essential personnel who need to be out but don’t want to risk going home and infecting their families.
  • Facilities can host a variety of relief efforts (being the place where grab-n-go meals are served for ex)
    • there may be grants available to keep these types of locations open and operating in this capacity

Still trying to figure out the answers too so I’ll check back with any new ideas!

Sending Positive Vibes -

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Thanks for sharing Courtt.

I´m definetely going to start asking our clients their needs at this moment, sounds very obvious but, honestly,I didn´t think about that.
I´m even thinking of doing it trough a platform as survey monkey or google forms, though it may feel less personal? But might be faster.

Meanwhile I´d like to share a Blog that enlighted me with the virtual office idea, I can´t leave the link here but it´s from office RND, and it´s called " What Is Virtual Office And Why It Might Save Your Coworking Business During COVID-19", if you like to check it out.

And, also, I´ve been listening to the “everything coworking” podcast and blog, it has been helpful to also plan our return to business, hope it helps you with something.

Hope to hear from yo soon, I´ll be sharing ideas as soon as I get them.


The link to this blog post is:

Also, Cat Johnson is leading an open/free Coworking Convo on virtual coworking this Friday which will touch base on a few ways to increase revenue (and most importantly IMHO, the value of memberships) during the crisis.

Thank you Hector, I´ll check it out