New feature on the forum - fancy thread previews!

Hey gang! It’s your friendly forum admin Alex with a fun NEW thing to share today, as well as some updates and other ideas for you to weigh in on.

Let’s start with new features! Now, when you share the link to any thread on this forum on Twitter or Facebook, or even Slack or SMS, the link will automatically show up with a “preview” image showing the title of the post nicely formatted along with the forum logo and URL.

This is a first rough version of the feature - I’d like to make it look a bit nicer in the next version but I’m excited how this works and makes sharing links WAY nicer!

Also, after a few weeks of hiatus, I’ll be reaching back out to the @migration-squad to share a slightly modified process for categorizing the rest of the forum archives. Still working out a few kinks, but I’m very excited to get back to that project.

Lastly, I’m thinking about some regular (weekly? monthly?) theme threads. Things that can invite more folks to contribute even if they don’t have a question or advice to share. Maybe things like “design inspiration” or “photos of your members doing things together” - I dunno. It’s a half-baked idea, curious what you’d like to see or do!

Happy Saturday :zap:

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