New - Detroit Coworking Space

Hey guys, new to the group. I’m looking to collaborate on an affordable coworking space in Mexican Town, Detroit.

About me,

Self-taught interior designer by family-trade. I have a BA/S in PoliSci & Econ from Wayne State University in Detroit (09-13’). What started me in coworking? 2010-2013 I worked in PR for Quicken Loans during the early days of Detroit’s recent upswing. I saw the early dazzles of an affordable space to say the least as I covered tenants in the community that benefited. Working as a designer, territory manager & developer for minority manufacturers of the commercial design industry has laid bare everything lacking for the little guys be it a big city or small town. Present day, Detroit as well as many, many other cities lack affordable space of all kinds and levels. With the background, partners and connections we’re looking to break down all of the barriers keeping people below their goals be it income or their business. I want everyone to have that option, an exceptional space without breaking the bank.