New Coworking Space en Argentina

Hi All!

We are 2 weeks away from opening a new “Bioma Cowork”, a new space in Funes City (Rosario, Argentina).
Our space is focused on providing coworking and shared spaces for professionals and entrepreneurs living in suburban areas that want to avoid the commute and like to work and live surrounded by nature, peace, and quietness.
We have 32 desks, a meeting room and 3 private offices, everythign sourrounded by a beautiful garden and a great outdoors.
We are thrilled to open this space, but also very anxious to see how the community responds to our idea.

I hope we can exchange experiences and ideas about the coworking industry with this amazing forum.


Hi Cecilia,

I’m new to this coworking forum and have been browsing the various posts for the past few days. I noticed that you posted back in May 2019 about opening a coworking space in Argentina, and almost a year later, you’re preparing for the grand opening. Congrats on that!

I’m interested to learn about how you began to take steps and plan for the Bioma Cowork launch. What type of research did you do, did you connect with potential customers to assess demand in Rosario, how did you come up with financial projections etc? Any type of help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: