New! Coworking Book Club. "Community: The Structure of Belonging"

Hey everyone!

I’ve been shortening my recommended reading list down to the essentials, and specifically, the books that I find myself referring to most often.

“Community: The Structure of Belonging” by Peter Block has quickly earned top 10 billing and for a lot of people I think it should be required reading to run a coworking space.

When I brought it up on Facebook, some folks were excited to try a book club read of this book. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how fun it’d be to have a monthly book club here on the coworking forum, so I’m going to run it here!

Wanna participate? Here’s the plan.

  1. Grab yourself a copy of the book. The link above does go to Amazon (there’s physical, Kindle, and audiobook options), but you may be able to find it at your local library or your favorite local bookseller. Just be sure to get the expanded reprint from July 2017, since that’s the one we’ll be working from in the book club.

    We will officially begin the book club on the 1st of July so people has time to get a copy.

  2. I’m going to break the chapters down into 4 weekly “assignments” to be completed on the Friday of each week.

  3. Each week will also have a corresponding Google Doc that we can use as a shared notepad for our favorite quotes, takeaways, questions, and ideas inspired by that week’s read.

  4. At the end of the month, I’ll host an optional video chat to wrap up the lessons learned in a sort of “unconference” format.

  5. And, if this goes well, we’ll pick another book to read and discuss together!

Who is in? :smiley:


Alex this is over-the-top generous of you to host and coordinate. Thank you for picking one of the 6 books I have sitting on my bedside table to get started (and I see that Priya Parker’s book is next, so now I feel like you are creepily in tune with my reading list). :slight_smile:
I’m IN.

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I’m curious…having never been part of a virtual bookclub before…but willing to give it a shot.
My reading preference these days is via Audible (to save the trees and keep my house tidier) however I do still love to curl up with a paperback in hand occasionally!


I would definitely read the book. I am not sure I can commit to the assignments but I would like to participate somehow in this amazing group.


I’m in. Great idea!


I’m going to try so hard.


In! Thanks for organising Alex, looking forward to it.

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Wonderful idea, Alex, I’m IN.

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Haha me too, I have about a million books in my to-read pile, Alex will hopefully motivate me to knock this one off!

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I’m in, this is awesome!

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I’m in! Excited to read with friends!

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This is great timing! We just finished reading The Art of Gathering at Groundwork and I was on the hunt for new inspiration. Thanks for organizing!


I am in! I noticed someone mentioned the next book. Is there a list somewhere that I missed?


@jboron nope you didn’t miss anything. I mentioned Art of Gathering as a possible next book in the Facebook group that originally inspired this book club!

WOW loving all of the excitement.

I set up a google doc with the first reading assignment, which will be the Intro through Chapter 4.

  • Welcome
  • Introduction: The Fragmented Community and Its Transformation
  • Part 1: The Fabric of Community
    • Chapter 1: Insights into Transformation
    • Chapter 2: Shifting the Context for Community
    • Chapter 3: The Stuck Community
    • Chapter 4: The Restorative Community

If you want to try to stay on track with the club, please read those chapters between now and July 7th!

I also set up this google doc with an area below it for adding quotes, notes, ideas, questions, etc below the reading assignment. Sharing your notes isn’t mandatory to participate, but I think it’ll be super valuable!

Any questions?


I am definitely in!

I’m in! Hands down this is one of the best books I’ve ever read on this, in fact, I read it every year.

Peter’s other books on ‘Flawless Consulting’ and ‘Stewardship’ are superb too.
(@jacobsayles Peter Block is the guy I was talking about the other day!)

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Am in!

Just started to read the first book. So I thought it was the perfect time to propose another one for next time before I forget: See you on the gdoc ^^