Network Access Control

What coworking network management solution are you using? and why?

Have you checked out IronWifi? Our mobile app integrates with it which made it super easy to implement without adding complexity for our members.

Hi @jamie_orr,

I have checked them out and i read good things about them and their prices look fairly cheap, but it seems like they do not have a solution for wired devices. What do you do when a large company wants to plug all their devices instead of going wireless?

You can use 802.1x authentication for wired clients :slight_smile:

At Office Nomads I rolled my own system with PFSense and Nadine. It works pretty well for wired and wireless although it needs to assume that one device is one person. It’s not a stand-alone system that could be plugged in to other platforms and firewalls. I have ideas on how I could extend it to be. I’d need to tie in to the user authentication of the different platforms to connect the usage data with an actual person.

Interesting method. Jacob, is it possible to get your contact via inbox? or private message.