Multiple customers, single dedicated desk?

Hey folks! Looking for advice… I have a small coworking office, and I had a member sign up for a dedicated desk ($240/month, 24/7 access). She’s a notary, and has two colleagues she works with who she’d like to share access to her desk. She’d like them both to also have a keycard and 24/7 access, and assures me only one of them will be here at a time. My question is: I’ve priced a single member at a single desk for $240, what do you think I should charge per each additional member sharing that desk?

If any of you have a similar situation I’d love to hear about specific examples, otherwise your thoughts on pricing would be appreciated!

Hey Michael, they way I typically handle it is by asking how often the other people will be in the space and signing them up for the relevant memberships on their own.

We have 4 levels:
Nomad (2 day/month)
Casual (1 day/week)
Flex (24/7/365)
Dedicated (24/7/365 + your own desk)

When someone signs up for a dedicated desk and asks if others can use it, I tell them sure, you can allow any member you want to use your desk, but your membership rights aren’t transferrable. If they have a coworker who expects to come in 1-2 times a month, we sign them up as a Nomad and so on.

As for 24/7 access, it depends a lot on the kind of community you’re crafting. Our Flex and Dedicated get 24/7 access, but those rules only exist as guidelines to get to good outcomes. Occasionally I’ll get someone with odd needs, like a Nomad who flies into town on late flights and needs to get to the coworking space for calls with a team overseas. That’s a reasonable and cool 24/7 access use case. If I meet them, learn who they are, and feel confident in trusting them with that access, I’ll make an exception.

But consider your style. Personally, I like being flexible and using our space to meet people’s needs. That requires more work on my end, but gets the whole community to better outcomes. If sticking to consistent permissions is going to get better outcomes for you, that’s fine, too.

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Hi Mike,

Technically they would fall under your Mobile Space option but I think since there are two of them I would offer a discount and charge $100/m each.

Best of luck!


Hello Michael,

My name is Naoto Honda at Coworking Space Link in Beppu-shi, Japan. Here is my input based on our facility case.

I think you can claim the card issuance fee within a reasonable range at least.

In our coworking space, we charge the cost for one person in the similar cases.

However, despite the customer says we will use only one person at a time, they use our facility together sometimes.

In that case, we charge the cost for additional person as drop-in user.

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Hi Mike! Welcome to the fun!

We require separate memberships for each individual. The secondary person must have their own membership to have access. If the primary wants to let them sit at their space, that’s up to them. The add on floating desk membership is $175/mo, but we stay vigilant in each person has their own membership to access the space. (Both dedicated and floating desks have 24/7 access.) Hope this helps!

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Hi Michael,

I was standing in front of the same problem, but was not able to close the deal at that time.

Because of cleaning, full use of furniture and all other amenities which is not used in extend through a single member.

I liked to charge instead of the regular 330.- / month a 390.- plus tax.

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Thanks for all the thoughts y’all! I’ll consider all of this in my decision, much appreciated.

Great stuff in this thread. I’ll avoid repeating what’s been said and offer something I didn’t see: math!

Your dedicated desk is $240, which I’d break down to something like $12/day as your CHEAPEST day rate per person.

Even for 24/7 memberships, I generally calculate them based on 20 work days per month (4 weeks, 5 days per week).

Sidenote: I don’t know your region or economics but that seems tough to be sustainable. But that’s not what you asked!

For the add’l teammates, I would frame this as membership = per person rather than per desk, and offer a flexible membership that this member can get for their teammates. I’d offer it based on a higher per-day rate (probably more like $18-20) and then discount that a little bit as a benefit of their existing membership.

In our model, one of the benefits is basically access to a reduced “member rate” for additional day passes that our members can extend to coworkers, colleagues, or friends.

Hope that helps you figure out a proportional offer!

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