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So we haven’t found a brick and mortar for our coworking / clubhouse space yet, but we are hosting workshops/events and meetups around the community. We do have members jointing daily, so how do we engage them now without a coworking space? What are some important things to take into consideration when building our membership? I know a sense of community is top of my list. Women want to have this sense of belonging and accountability and community so that is key. Do we create a FB page for members? Love input and any good resources as far as articles and books to read! I love researching and educating myself! Also, any good books to read on building community (Peter blocks is good, I live in Cincinnati) gathering (priya Parker’s is one I own and love!) leadership, convening, etc.

You’ve already got the best two resources in Peter Block and Priya Parkers’ books. Now put them into action! :slight_smile:

“How do you engage them without a coworking space.”

I think it’s super easy to overthink this, instead of looking for answers from the folks right in front of you.

What do they already do, or want to do more of?

What are their goals?

How can they help each other; and how can you facilitate making that easier?

What other communities have they been a part of in the past that have lasting memories? What made those communities special?

The dynamics of every community are different so the best answers are always going to depend on who you’re getting in the room and how you can serve them and help them serve each other.

The only two “universal” tools I know are food, and teaching. For example:

  • community meals at local restaurants or people’s homes

  • knowledge sharing sessions/round tables (less focus on a speaker, more group discussion on a topic)

Food is something we are wired to bond over. Even better, making a meal together before you eat it is an act of co-creation, which builds deep bonds. And teaching is the most reliable way to earn trust.

The key is doing stuff they care about, and building a rhythm:

You can do ALL of this in borrowed spaces before your community has your own!


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