Medical Practice in Coworking Space

Hey folks,

Wondering if anyone has encountered any issues with medical practitioners or therapists using their space? Our coworking space has an official “wing” of therapy – so licensed therapists can rent out hourly rooms here. We have had a few instances of the DEA visiting to “confirm their workspace” which is fine when it’s therapists who are able to use our therapy rooms. We have a family physician who is looking to book a meeting room once a week here – he wouldn’t be prescribing medicine or doing procedures, of course, but he needs a space to consult with patients and take vitals.

No idea if there would be any insurance or privacy issues involved in something like this or if a coworking space wouldn’t suitably reach the requirements of an official workspace for a medical practitioner. Thoughts? Thanks!

Community Manager @ The Commons


Dear Savannah, great to hear that you are approaching the topic of medical coworking.
We know that such concepts work quite well and if the physicians already has some customers it is a win win for everyone.

We acctually run a space, which is renting out time slots to yoga teachers. This allows them to stay independent and use our space.
Also at the same time we provide them an option to offer their classes via our website and being bookable directly by their customers.

For us it goes very well.

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