Marketing Student who would like feedback on Business Concept for a coworking space

Hello everyone,

I am taking an entrepreneur course at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

I am in the create a product analysis and would love some feedback on my business concept. Then there is a small survey and you’ll just tell me if my business concept interested you or not.

Here’s what I have so far:

is a co-working space and an entrepreneurial community in Southeast Wisconsin.

Our mission is to create a sustainable space
for business professionals to work, build and create.

We take pride in the characteristics and
background in all of our prospective members. We hope

to create a space with everyone in mind. From
the savvy tech, to the peaceful and quiet

entrepreneur, to the energetic and social
CEO; we hope to meet all your needs as a co-working

service. We believe it’s time that co-working
spaces in Milwaukee’s Metropolitan area is taken

to a new level. Not only do we want to give
you the space to create, we want to create with you.

We want to give you an experience.

How likely would you be to buy the product or service described?

-Definitely would buy

-Probably would buy

-Might or might not buy

-Probably would not buy

-Definitely would not buy

Thank you!