Management systems for a coworking space

Hello everyone. I would like to ask does someone know a coworking management system with interactive floor plan (but the one which will also have white label, automated payments with invoices, embed, integrations (door integration and integration with Slack) etc…?

Hi Lilt,

I had been using CoBot which had a lot of features but was ultimately very blah, and their development team was unreachable and their support team while nice wasn’t really helpful.

I switched over to proximity and they are by no means perfect, but they are able to handle quite alot, but their best feature is their feedback page. So if the Proximity system doesn’t handle something you need, you can always add a new topic and the community as a whole gets to vote in it, the higher the votes, the more likely it will get added on of course.

Here are some the items that they can handle based on your list of needs:

Semi White-Labeled, the proximity logo is still visible but the landing page is customizable
Automated payments with good looking invoices (They are actually super great with this, and all transactions have automated messages out to members via email)
They have door, slack, google calendar, mailchimp, and stripe integrations (I know the community is asking for more integrations, so more are bound to be available in the future)

The only unavailable item on your list is the interactive floor map, which I added to their feedback page cause that is such a great idea, thanks for sharing that.

I will also say that my interactions with their staff have been great, you can tell they’re a small busy team, but they go out of their way to do their best, and make their members feel seen and assisted.

I once wrote on here that I was worried about my upcoming transition to Proximity and their marketing director reached out to me to check in on how it was going, overall made me feel taken care of.

I need to know a little bit more about what it is you are looking for before I can dive in to your question. What are you looking for in an interactive floor plan? Perhaps you mean real-time? This would be a map that shows when people are in specific seats. I know some technology that could supply this data although that is external to any specific coworking platform. Or perhaps I’m overthinking it and you simply are looking for a map like you can see in the Ubiquity controller?

We’ve just started using - and it does what you say - inc good interactive floor plans (for internal use - rather than client use I think)

Thank you.
I am checking for the one which offers interactive floor plan/map not only for admin side but also for members. OfficeRnD is a good one but it does not have interactive floor plan for members, it has only for admin portal. I want members to be able to see and book their preferred place directly from the interactive floor plan/map.

I am referring to the one via which you can directly choose your preferred desk for example and book directly from the plan/map. A lot of coworking management systems have it but only for admin portal and not for members portal. On members portal they only offer picture but not interactive one where from you can book your preferred place. However I am looking for the one which offers interactive plan/map for members to choose their preferred desk and book directly from there.
In case there are some ideas would be grateful.
Thank you

Hi Britanni,

Thank you. I have checked Cobot and it is user friendly though a lot of features are missing. Regarding Proximity as far as I understood they do not offer white label solution and do not have interactive floor plan as well.
Actually the most hard thing is to find coworking management system which will have interactive floor plan but at the same time white label solution, integrations (including Slack integration and door integrations), embed…