Management Agreement Available in Delray Beach, FL. Take over a space

I’m looking for an experienced coworking operator to take over a 7,500 SF space in DelrayBeach, FL. It already have a customer base and the owners are willing to do some build out to make it work for the new operator. No lease, no expenses.

I would love to find a local indie operator in the area and give them the chance to grow to a new location for free.

Hey Craig, if you’re still looking by Tues next week please let me know and I’ll share it out via This Week In Coworking for you.

Just emailed you. Thanks man.

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Great! I replied (almost instantly). Do let me know if it landed up in spam/junk/elsewhere.

Hi Craig. I am new in this Shared Coworking space. How you found any recommendations as far a successful amount of clients to have per sqft.
Or how many users will be ideal for your 7500sqft space. I have 6000sqft and an outdoor 1500 sqft area as well.


You can certainly have a successful coworking community with 6,000 SF. It’s more about the location, your market positioning, and what your goals are. If your goals are to become rich, then 6,000 SF might be a bit small no matter where you are. However, I’ve successful had spaces as small as 3500 SF. My goals were never to get rich off of them, but have a few great neighborhood coworking spaces that support my lifestyle.

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Thanks Craig. I appreciate your feedback!

I’m definitely not trying to get rich off of the space. I am an accountant that is offering extra space as a modern co-working environment for a neighborhood that has a lot of the standard old school offices with no amenities. The accounting service compliments clients/startups who havethe need for space, and the need for space complements the need for an accountant.
I was just looking for an approximate number to put in my head as a low and high client count expectation.
I am looking for any guidance and help for software, hardware for doors, kitchen amenities, for the coworking side.
I am looking at Archie, and proximity for software solutions…