Making a member engagement tracker with Airtable

Hey coworking friends,

I know we all love talking about platforms and new tools here, so I thought I’d share a recent obsession.

Airtable - better than a spreadsheet

You may have seen Airtable in the news recently—well, I’ve been using it for a lot of things over the past few years, and think it’s worth getting to know.

If you’re not familiar, you can think of Airtable as a much more powerful but still very usable evolution of the spreadsheet. It does things you wish a spreadsheet could do!

Best of all, you can enjoy almost all of the functionality totally for free. I haven’t upgraded yet, but I am thinking of making the jump soon.

Play with a template I made!

If you’re keen to test it out, I re-made a spreadsheet I’ve been using for my network of clients when we’re working on improving retention.

I call it a member engagement status tracker. You can make yourself a copy of my template here:

Let me know what you think!

Has anyone else on here been using Airtable recently?

Tony Bacigalupo


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