Looking for developers to redesign Nexudus website in the UK


We are just about to launch our first space and are looking to build our website. Given that we are using Nexudus we would like to use the code that they provide as a starting point. I have spoken to one company who have experience in this and they seem great but I would like to hear from a few more to get more thoughts and pricing. Has anyone in the UK done this before and if so, do you have anyone you can recommend to do this?



There are a few UK companies listed here that might be able to help you.


I hope this helps!


Hey Jordanna,

I found this on upwork…

This is the guys profile -> https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~016082a6000056ba1b

It’s not so easy to link to the job - but here’s another screen grab of it.

As an aside I would consider using upwork or fiverr - it’s not that hard, esp given what you want is kinda simple and Anwar has done it before… probably be a LOT cheaper than a UK company.

I’ve even seen companies that appear to do IT work actually just farm it out to Upwork - not a bad little business I guess :lying_face:

Oh wow. Thakns Ed. Thats super useful.

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