Looking for 5 volunteers to get started on categorization

happy wednesday, @migration-squad :slight_smile:

A couple of days ago I posted instructions on how to actually go through - step by step - and start categorizing posts from the archive.

But I realized that it’s a lot to take in, and it might be helpful for me to do a quick 1-1 instruction session with a few individuals to get the ball rolling!

So I’m looking for FIVE volunteers who are willing and able to commit ~15-20 mins for a quick video chat session, and then at least ONE HOUR over the next week towards moving old topics into their own categories.

Once you’ve gone through the demo with me, I’ll enable moderator capabilities on your account so you can go through the steps yourself.

First five volunteers to reply get the mod slots. Who’s in? :partying_face:


I’ll let some others have the 1-1 instruction time. I just watched the video and will commit to at least an hour of categorizing today (will you enable my capabilities if they’re not already?). This is exactly the kind of work my brain is up for today. :slight_smile: And maybe again tomorrow!

Rock on,

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Hi Alex,

I’m in :)! Let me know please when do you plan to hold the session. As I’m in Europe, I’d be grateful if you could have the session in your morning/early afternoon so it’s not gonna be too late for me. Thanks a lot!



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Count me in!

I can do that. I’m PST and best to have the 1-1 after 4:30pm today or tomorrow. I will have some time Friday to work on categorizing.

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Y’all are awesome - I sent you each direct messages to book times to do a demo.

One more mod slot open for the next taker :smiley:

Hey Alex - I can give some time to this; an hour or two over the next few days.



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You already got 5, queuing for next batch :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re top of the list for the next batch @shalf!

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Hi Alex - just saw this, count me in for the next batch as well!

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Let me know if you need help for the next batch as well!

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Going strong?