London Coworking Assembly Monthly Events Thread

The London Coworking Assembly meet every month in London for breakfast and other self-organised events from BBQ’s to Workshops.

In London for a short stay?

Get in touch with Bernie to come to an event.
We ALWAYS love to have visitors to breakfast and events.

We ALWAYS love to have visitors to breakfast and events.

Is This Space For You?

We’re a small and very diverse group of self-organised people who have been in and around London Coworking for the last decade.

  • Our members run some of the most established independent coworking spaces in London.

  • We are committed to building a fair and thriving coworking industry and movement.

  • If you are looking for golf days, personalised number plates and long boozy lunches this is not the space for you.

  • Not based in London? We’re happy to hook you up with a group near you.
    This is London focused only.

  • Scroll down to find out what we are about and how to get involved.

What To Expect

When you run a coworking space, your members connect and collaborate!

  • The London Coworking Assembly is the place for operators and workers to connect and do just that.

  • You probably don’t have the time or budget to spend a few days at a conference, but you would like to meet your peers and learn about what is happening in the industry.

  • And now and then you’ll need a hug from someone who understands the joy and pain of a coworking space.

  • We meet for breakfast every month in a different coworking space and talk about everything to do with coworking.

  • We run events, BBQ’s and workshops with long term trusted partners from the coworking industry around the UK and Europe.

  • With us, you’ll get signposted everything from **solid training **, research, software, legislation and support to thrive and keep on top of your game.

  • There is no charge to join, but regular participation and contribution are expected to keep the Assembly valuable.

Coworking Values

The London Coworking Assembly runs on the original five core coworking values:

  1. Community.
  2. Openness.
  3. Collaboration.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. Sustainability.

Read more about them here from the original global community post.

We have the ever-evolving code of conduct (thanks to Cobot) to keep an open space full of good energy and support.

In London for a short stay?

Get in touch with Bernie to come to an event.

We ALWAYS love to have visitors to breakfast and events.

If you are in London full-time request a full time invite here.

London Coworking Assembly September Breakfast!

Get in touch with Bernie to come OR RSVP on the member site here.

The ‘Community’ One

Hello folks, at this breakfast we are going to talk about community.

This ‘Community’ word, concept and thing is something that is so important to coworking spaces and being human.

We often have an idea of what we’d like our community to be, or the community we think we have, but the harsh reality is that it is not there.

We’ve heard more than one person comment at coworking conferences over the years that everyone talks about the community in their coworking space very few have one, or have the one they want.

A few guidelines for this breakfast:

Come with an idea of something you’d like to find out, a hard question, what is confusing you about ‘community’?

Please don’t come with a one size fits all solution, a lot of theory and examples from books.

We are looking for hardcore practices that people can go away and try in their business or project.

A few war stories from people would be very welcome!

Consider these points

  • As the London Coworking Assembly (LCA) we are slowing building a community, how is this working or not working for you?

  • How does that same feeling you have about (LCA) play out for people in your coworking space?

  • How do you find out from people what they want?

  • And when they tell you to want they want how do you put that into practice?

  • How do you attract people to your coworking space with the promise of a community?

  • How can you get your community, if you have one, to attract people to your space?

Feel free to comment below or add examples of blogs, spaces or community you think are worth looking up.

Other Details About Breakfast

For this breakfast, we are going to a very new Coworking Space by Manor House Station on the Piccadilly Line .

Thanks to Kofi from Urban MBA for setting this one up!

As usual, Ryan from FreeAgent is shouting breakfast, and we’ll have fun and informative chat about coworking and our projects.

Please come ready to share what you are working on and where you need help.

(You don’t have to announce to the group where you need assistance, but there are a lot of wise people ready to give you some tips or connect you.)

We are keen to do round two of the Coworking Peers Marketing Workshop , so we’ll spend a few minutes getting feedback on what we have planned.

You can help design the next workshop by adding what you find most confusing about marketing your coworking business here (it’s anonymous)

Anything else you’d like to talk about at this event DM Bernie or Rebecca or leave a comment below!