Learn how to help categorize the archive

Hey squad!

We have close to two dozen volunteers already in the new system, and so many of you have offered to help out with the migration.

This first assignment is perfect for people who like to keep things organized…yes, I’m looking for help moving threads into categories and subcategories.

We have ~5900 archived threads from the google group to categorize, but 95% of the threads take 15-20 seconds top to categorize and most of that will be brainwork to read the thread and figure out which category it belongs in.

I recorded this video to show you how it works (including a very important step AFTER you change the category). Watch that video here:

You’ll notice in the last few minutes of the video I cover what to do when you’re not sure. That includes:

  • If you think we should add a new category or subcategory, start a new topic in #migration-squad:suggest-categories and make sure you include links to the topics you think belong in that new category. You can also suggest renaming existing categories to be clearer.

  • If you find a thread that you’re not sure what to do with, maybe it looks like spam (or is just outright self-promotional), or maybe it just doesn’t seem to belong anywhere. That’s when you can craete a new topic in #migration-squad:category-edge-cases and share the link so we can decide what to do with it.

  • If you find a thread that is broken - aka the posts are spread out across multiple threads with the same title, or some other kind of problem caused by the data migration. You can post what you find in #migration-squad:suggest-merge-threads and I’ll figure out the best way to handle it.

If you have ANY questions or concerns or hesitations, feel free to drop a comment below or send me a direct message here on the forum (using the little envelope in the top right corner).

Most of all - THANK YOU for your help!

p.s. if this kind of work isn’t for you, don’t worry. I’ve got more opportunities on the way :smiley:

p.p.s. Whoops, I forgot to originally tag the @migration-squad in this thread :upside_down_face: