Just Gettting Started - NH

Hi - I’m one of the founding members of Bethlehem Reimagined, a 501(3)c economic development group working to revitalize our small mountain community in Northern NH. We were just awarded a grant to do a feasibility study to bring coworking space to the area. We have lots of vibrant professionals moving here as they want to work and live somewhere they can play and be outdoors as well. In our area many streets don’t have high speed internet so our coworking space can provide them that as well as be a resource for the thousands of visitors that rent vacation homes here as well. I look forward to learning as much as possible from you all. Thanks.

Carol Kerivan

Hi Carol - Welcome to the coworking forum and all the very best in launching coworking space. If there is anything that we could input on, please do feel free to drop us a mail.

Regards Mark and Louise (https://www.workhereford.co.uk)

Hi, Carol! Congrats on the study and starting a new coworking space! This is definitely a great group to be a part of! In your effort to learn as much as you can about running a coworking space I’d recommend checking out Proximity Connect, a free, online community of 1600+ coworking space founders, managers, and community builders. There you will be able to connect with others in similar journeys and register for bi-monthly webinars on various topics about running a coworking space. Also, I’d recommend joining some coworking Facebook groups like Women Who Cowork and Everything Coworking! Good luck. :smiley:

Hi Carol,

Welcome to the group. I know that there are a number of group members here who are in smaller communities and/or that operate community-supported coworking spaces. You might want to check out the “Coworking in Small Towns” discussion group there, if you haven’t done so already. I know that there are some members there that have done some spectacular things with their spaces and in their communities.

Best wishes with your coworking space.

Hi Carol-- I love Bethlehem, what a beautiful place. I live in New Bedford MA (I own a coworking space here) and I usually spend a weekend up there in the winter. I’m happy to connect with you if you need anything as you move forward!

Hi Carol,

Congratulations, that’s super exciting!

I have done a number of feasibility studies for small & rural towns and currently operate a space in Lake Tahoe. We have a lot of professionals here with a similar story - they want to live somewhere they can enjoy the outdoors, so bring their work with them. Same goes for those that visit and would like to be able to extend their time in their vacation homes (which tend to have terrible broadband access).

I’d love to connect and would be happy to chat with you about my journey the past 6 years in Tahoe and help out in any way.