Just beginning A coworking Space in All American Broken city San Bernardino

Hello Everyone,

I am no stranger to the startup community, but I
have been in the shadows of the hardest city to build in: San Bernardino, and while many have come here and created HUGE business, the
past years have been extremely hard for entrepreneurs. I began looking at the problems of the launch community and I saw a missing HUB… So I am working with a team to begin one called The Headquarters
a coworking space for Entrepreneurs right in the Heart of the suffering
city of San Bernardino, a once blooming “All American City” needs that Entrepreneurial Spirit revived!

If you can, go to the Facebook page or the Instagram by searching #TheHQ or #Headquarters that would be huge help as we are not going live till February, We are also seeking Sponsorship help, we would really like to be teaching Google for Entrepreneurs on site & getting Google to help as a major sponsor of The Headquarters.
Please let me know if you have investors or supporters of coworking.
Thank you!

Hey Rusty, welcome to the list!

I'm probably not alone in that I'm not very familiar with San Bernardino
except of the very recent tragic shooting.

Can you say a bit more about what makes it such a hard city to build in?



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