Johnson Controls study says almost everyone will be coworking in 2040

Johnson Controls Smart Workplace 2040 study basically forecasts most everyone will work part-time in coworking spaces by then. They also forecast that humans with augmented DNA will out perform normal humans by then.

While I like the coworking forecast, the augmented human forecast seems a bit off to me. 2040 is only 25 years away. This means we need to be augmenting the DNA of humans today if they are going to be adults by 2040 (I’m assuming DNA augmentation would need to be done prior to birth).

Genetic engineering is a field we cover a bit. And while designer babies are becoming possible, we still think we’re at least a generation away from this happening in any meaningful way - especially in terms of work skill augmentation.

I love this picture and always look for an opportunity to use it:).