Is Virtual Yoga Classes A Good Idea?

Before he pandemic caused shutdowns we were in the beginning stages of starting regular morning yoga classes in our space. Now we’re considering starting them as virtual classes. Has anyone done this? Was it successful or not?
I know that if someone stuck at home wants to do a virtual yoga class you don’t need the local coworking space to host it, there are thousands of options out there to get the daily fix.
I imagine that it comes down to being about the instructor, right? Someone who does it well, engages, teaches, supports, etc. and enhances the audience experience to the point that the audience comes back and shares the good word. That can’t be easy.
I’d love to hear the feedback and suggestions this community has on the idea. Thanks!

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We have several members of our community who teach yoga or similar classes and they have moved their businesses online and report that their clients are engaging in this option.

Yesterday, during our afternoon virtual coworking session, I invited an exercise physiologist in to do a 30min class on ‘exercises to prevent back and neck pain’. It was great and everyone who joined found it helpful.

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Hi Joe,

We too had just started an onsite yoga class before we closed, and we did shift it to virtual. What we have found is that our members and tenants don’t take
advantage of it as much as they did the in house class. We only are getting a few members participating online vs. 20 or so in person. Personally, I think it’s partly because there are so many yoga, meditation, wellness opportunities available online right
now and everyone is trying to find a new normal with kids at home, etc.

What I have found though is that my tenants are looking for opportunities to hear what our plans are, what grants and small business relief is available, direction
navigating HR in the pandemic, and just a general “hey we’re checking in on you”. I have been holding Town Meetings every other week and get anywhere from 75 to 90 members on the call. We also are sending out a weekly newsletter that puts the same info in
writing, including grant opportunities, snippets of what our team is working on, a interview with members about their new normal, etc. It also has been really well received.


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Hi Joe,

We have a yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for 25+ years and just started teaching online via youtube and zoom. She’s great if you want an intro!

We’ve been hosting six classes a week on our Zoom account. The instructors are from a neighboring business and we’ve been marketing it as a joint partnership.

Thanks, Hanson. I’ll let you know if we decided to go forward with the idea. What area are you in?

That’s great to hear. How has the viewership been?

Hi Joe, Im in Saratoga Springs, NY / Boston, MA