Introducing myself

Hi fellow coworkers,

My name is Zoltan Szogyenyi and I am the co-founder and CEO of Themesberg. I’ve been working as a full stack web developer for about 5 years. A few months ago I left my job and started a company with a good friend of mine who is a web designer. We created Themesberg where we create niche web templates and web resources. We also have free resources available if you have an account.

We decided to make our 4th product, which is a web template for coworking spaces. Here in Romania coworking started to flourish and I went there plenty of times and just saw how much more value it can bring by being in such a place compared to just working from home or a classic office. We had a lot of fun working on it!

We specialize in creating clean, functional and interactive user interfaces for the web and have thorough experience. I would be more than happy to offer help or guidance for those who require it in this field.


PS: if you’re interested in the template the link is in my bio :slight_smile: