Internet connections?

Alex mentioned in the safe power thread that internet was a more important consideration because most people are on a surge protector and a laptop, I’d concur with that. Let people buy desktop grade UPS if they’re concerned and you’re responsible for keeping your network up.

That said, what do most people have a internet connectivity?

When we first opened what we could afford that serviced our area was cable internet, fiber was too pricey and this was an experiment. I believe it was 100/10 service.

Then a competitive fiber company serviced our part of town and we stepped up to 200/20 fiber internet but kept the cable internet because we had a 3 year contract.

I believe at some point we also upgraded the cable internet.

So now we have two connections, fiber as primary with cable as a failover backup on our pfSense firewall.

I’m curious what other coworks are running and what you’re paying for fiber service.