International partnerships

I have a co-working space in Pakistan with 10 buildings now. For my next phase, I was considering international partnerships with other co-working spaces. Do you think it is a good idea to do international partnerships and promote services in each co working spaces

Asalam o alaikum
We are running two co-working spaces in Karachi and planning to open more, Do you have buildings in Karachi? if yes then contact me on 03219204942.

Here are the three things that I would think about when considering any partnership.

  1. Is it going to increase your profits at your current locations by…
  • Driving additional direct traffic to your facilities,
  • Improving your service offering, and/or
  • Increasing your name recognition or prestige?
  1. What is the cost, in terms of time and money involved in pursuing the partnership?

  2. Would establishing a partnership make it any easier for you to grow your existing business?

Setting up an international partnership may sound interesting, fun and exciting, but it may be a distraction that isn’t worth it.