“I seriously cried. It made me feel connected in a global way.”

Last week I published the first “episode” of a new project that I wanted to share with the community here:

My friend Kali (who helps run a coworking space in Western Australia) and I teamed up to talk with 11 coworking leaders from around the world about how COVID-19 has impacted them personally and how they and their communities are adapting.

We’ve edited their answers down into smaller videos that capture how global this issue really is, and so we can all learn from each others’ approach to responding.

So far, folks seem to really love the first video:

“Watching this video was extremely helpful.”
“I seriously cried. It made me feel connected in a global way.”
"This is brilliant, thank you.”

I know that we’ve all been challenged in new and unexpected ways over the last few months, so our hope is that this video can bring you a touch of catharsis and some fresh ideas and much-needed inspiration.

We have a second video dropping this week with more detail about how businesses are adapting and responding, and a third video in a couple of weeks with an updates about how spaces are approaching things post-lockdown.

Big thanks to Kali for the initial seed of the ideas that turned into this series, and to the global community of coworking leaders who contributed to this project.

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