Hullo from Canberra, AU!

Hi all! Joining up from Keep Co in Canberra. Keen to follow along the conversations and connect with some more independently run spaces both down under and overseas. We opened in Nov 2018 and have 32 members, quickly outgrowing our trial run space and moving into a larger permanent home later this year. :slight_smile:


Hey Anna! I was just in Canberra last week at CBRIN/E29, which part of the city is Keep Co in?

Hi Jonah! We’re out at Dairy Road in Fyshwick, east side of the lake. It’s a new precinct in the early stages of being developed into something similar to NewActon in the city (same developer). Next time you’re in town, feel free to drop in and I can show you around! E29 and the CBRIN team are great. Hope you had a good time down here.

Hey Anna,

I run Your Desk in Sydney, always happy to talk shop if you around.


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Hey Carl, will definitely get in touch next time we’re up in Sydney, it’d be great to connect. Your Desk looks brilliant.