How's your conversations with your landlord going?

I have two spaces- one owned by the local council and one by one of the UK’s richest men

Both are closed. The local council are really affected by COVID- not only is Bath massively dependent on tourism but the council own 90% of commercial property, and the income goes to things like care homes for the elderly etc. They are not being massively accommodating at the moment.

The billionaire is playing hardball, but he owns the entire arcade (shopping mall) and no one is paying, so is figures that he’s going to have to listen at some point.

I’ve stopped paying both as of last money. I have received £50k in grants and £100k in non personal liability loans. Staff are all furloughed. I’ve not even been on site on the latter one, it’s too damn painful after I built it myself (it’s gorgeous and crazy)

What tactics are people using? I don’t want to avoid moral obligations, but surely it’s time for landlords to share the pain…