How do you handle members wanting to bring a client in?

I have this section below in the member agreement and member handbook. For “resident” members (reserved desk or private studio) we say: "occasional guest collaborators work free (within reason)” — purposely vague.

Please be aware that members pay to use BEAHIVE. You’re welcome to show the space to guests as long as it’s not disruptive to others. If a guest would like to use the space, Day Passes are available (available to buy through the member portal). Full-time members can invite collaborators to use the space according to their respective membership plan.

Of course most people don’t read these things fully. Nothing replaces simply telling members basic guidelines when they tour or during on-boarding (we give an in-person orientation).

It’s served us well for nearly 10 years.

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Currently writing policy and am fully aware that one of the big parts of
freelancing is meeting with clients – how do you navigate
non-office-holding members having clients come in and meet them in the
lounge/coWork space?


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