Hi, i new here at Coworkinggg!

Hi,. iḿ new here, from Bremen, Germany

Founding a very small, new Manufacture for High End Tube Amps & special “Flächen”-Lautsprecher, e.g. electrostatic/Magnetostat/Multi-Speaker-Arrays (Schallwände)

also, maybe, in in-House-Standard: >>> Medium -ohm -“Norm”., e.g. 32 - 256 ohm?!, medium -ohm, new Standard, as newly proposed by my “Organisation” , i.e.:> me!
Yes,yes, yes, at the very Moment, it`s only me, but a lot of OTL-DIYérs will lick my feet!

“OTL” = Output Transformer-less " “D I Y” = “do it Yourself” , i.e. electronic hobbyists
Always yours, readya?

P.s.: "Auf, pfügen wir ein Neues!!! Mittelohm-2norm2 zur Mittelohm-Norm machen!!!
und: www.pfleid.de ZUSATZNUTZEN bei korrekter lautsprecher-aufstellung im hörraum//7additional listenig pleasure via pfleidtechnik, time-correct placement of speakers in listening rooms, firsr powerfull sound-reflection in the room, via Ceilung and walls, in beween 6,5 an 55 milliseconds, a sectre?! essential of HIFI /// Hifreudelity!!!

if not pfleidered, Music only will stay: “hipfui” … , and not become : “LIVe/LIFE”!!! hearing will be believing! the difference is really n o t small , i-e. : big!
Old Highshool knowledge, University Munich, late 70ś Years, together with Peter Pfleiderer, sound-engineer, musician, and INVENTOR. " www. pfleid.de "
always yours!
readya?, didi 55 66 77