Hi! I am Nikhil

Hi Everyone! I’m Nikhil. I am the Digital Marketing Manager at The Office Pass ( Neighborhood coworking space in Delhi NCR, India). Our vision is to have multiple offices spread across the city - so one can find the closest TOP office within 5 kms. You can think of us as a convenient store for Coworking (like 7-11) versus a super store (like WalMart).


Hi Nikhil,
Great concept. Looking forward to booking a meeting room during my next visit to New Delhi.

All the best!!



Hey Nikhil!

Sounds nice and cosy.
I wish you a lot of success with your concept!

Best regards,

You’re Most Welcome Praveen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome Nikhil! Great concept, are the TOP locations all setup, run and managed by you or are you working with other local workspace providers?