Hi! I am Nikhil

Hi Everyone! I’m Nikhil. I am the Digital Marketing Manager at The Office Pass ( Neighborhood coworking space in Delhi NCR, India). Our vision is to have multiple offices spread across the city - so one can find the closest TOP office within 5 kms. You can think of us as a convenient store for Coworking (like 7-11) versus a super store (like WalMart).


Hi Nikhil,
Great concept. Looking forward to booking a meeting room during my next visit to New Delhi.

All the best!!



Hey Nikhil!

Sounds nice and cosy.
I wish you a lot of success with your concept!

Best regards,

You’re Most Welcome Praveen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome Nikhil! Great concept, are the TOP locations all setup, run and managed by you or are you working with other local workspace providers?

Welcome Nikhil! :slight_smile:

It is nice to hear that. I have just checked it and yes, it will be a good place to wok.
We do also have the same marketplace where we meet buyers with sellers. You can just get your coworking space registered at our platform which is free of cost. So, that we can provide you further converted leads. If have any further enquiry, you can get touch with us at 7003903765.