Hi from Tom in the UK - 3 locations now


I’ve been in coworking since 2011 - but ironically head down and quiet on the “coworking scene”

I did a few pop-ups in London (6 months then 2.5 years) and now have 2 sites in Bristol (was 1300 sqm now 2500 sqm + 2800 sqm) and a slightly smaller site in a town called Basingstoke (2200 sqm)

We built up from small - and I still end up flattening cardboard into skips late at night :slight_smile:

I’m a geek by background - and got into this industry trying to create a “coworking passport” in the UK to let people work near home - before flipping to being an operator.

Our spaces are very strongly themed - with hobbit holes, alice in wonderland rooms and a fake mill house.

Glad to be here :slight_smile:


Sounds quite interesting! Would you post a few pictures perhaps?

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Thanks Jennifer

There are a few on our website - but newer ones needed!

Here are a few…

How absolutely cool is that? And a definite conversation started for newbies.
Great job, I am impressed, Tom :slight_smile:

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Welcome back to the discussion, Tom!

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