Hi from Shanghai

Hi people,

We basically build a facebook-like version of coworking.org, but intended for Chinese coworking or people visiting China. it’s ios app enables location based search for spaces and events.

We are also part of the VISA program so if you do visit Shanghai, let us know, and you can get your three days trial with us.


Hey Fan,

I would love to take a look at your Chinese version of coworking.org. Can you please post the link to it?

A few months ago I was in Shanghai doing some coworking work. It’s such an interesting place that we (english speakers in this group) don’t really know anything about because the communication is all in Chinese and doesn’t show up on our radar. The coworking scene in China is different than the US or Europe because the economy and people move and change so fast and have different needs. It’s exciting and ripe with opportunity.

Are you involved with a specific space?

Hi, Fan. I would love to take a look of you version of coworking.org. How to contact you? Add me on Wechat, my ID: maupercam