Hi from Lucius, Germany

Hi All

I am Lucius from Germany. We are just about to set up a coworking space with about 50 seats in the Leipzig area.

Our concept is focusing on self employed people and professionals, not on startups. We want to combine a great place (great location, high quality interieur) with a lot of community building activities as well as workshops and events.

We hope to open in September.

Hi Lucius,

Herzlich Willkommen!
I did not meet a lot of people from Germany here yet, but I recommend you (besides reading this forum) the group of the German Coworking Federation. They meet quite regularly to discuss important topics which matter in Germany: Netzwerktreffen virtuell - German Coworking Federation e.V.

If you need any other help setting up your community, I offer my expertise. I am from Germany working independently as a community builder across Europe. My approach is organic, based on a framework that focuses on social synergies and equalizing them within each community ecosystem.

Liebe Grüße

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