Hi from Collective Tribe!

Hi all, Iā€™m Juliana and I am putting together a Co-Working space dedicated to community and collaboration in Broward, Florida. I am excited to be joining this form and looking forward to learning from your experiences.
Thanks for the insights and support you all have to offer.

Juliana B

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Hi, Juliana! Welcome. :blush:

My name is McKenna. This is an awesome community FULL of great advice and people. If you ever want to connect to talk more about your new space on a one-to-one basis let me know! I look forward to seeing your posts and learning more about you and your community.


Hi Juliana!

Iā€™m working on opening a co-working space in Worcester, MA dedicated to community, connectivity and putting people first personally and professionally. Would love to connect and collaborate!

Sending Positive Vibes -