Hi all! Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria and Biz Hub | Cowork | Events

We are new coworking space in Sofia, Bulgaria. Right in the business area of the city.
We are very open for collaborations, partnerships or everything that would help each other. :slight_smile:

I built a virtual mail service for digital nomads with a buddy that is a software engineer living in Japan.

Our virtual mail service lets you manage physical mail as easy as email. Whether for digital nomads or businesses our service offers a number of advantages.

  • Permanent physical address to receive ALL mail
  • Setup U.S. based bank accounts and services
  • Apply for credit and debit cards
  • Digital log of all physical mail received
  • Place and receive online orders anywhere in the world
  • Remotely receive and deposit checks
  • Domicile your business in a zero income tax state

I thought there might be interest for US expats or locals in your area using our service for the reasons above?