Hey Mr (and Ms) DJ!

I wanted to put this out to the brain trust.

Anybody inspired to share your kickest-butt coworking playlists? There have been threads about what music services people use (Spotify, Rdio, etc.), but I haven’t seen anything about exactly what we’re listening to.

I know that work music taste is very personal, and sound levels need to be low so as not to overwhelm. There are tons of pumped up workout playlists online, but I haven’t seen as much for “brain work” workouts. This seems like the perfect curatorial job to crowdsource! What the best site for playlist sharing these days? And what’s your favorite playlist, either for headphone use or room-wide?

This is for a new micro coworking experiment in Brookline, MA that we’re calling WorkShop. I’m working on this alongside Lisa Wasserman Sivan, an architectural and interior designer (and long-time coworking enthusiast) who has created a fantastic space within an amazing historic building here. Lisa is connected to tons of independent professionals in town who have been waiting for a place to work within walking distance of home. We’ll see where the wind takes us!

Melissa T.G.



Melissa Tapper Goldman

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