Help your members with a $15 whiteboard at home

Like many of you, we’re thinking about ways to help our members while our space is closed due to COVID19. We’ve already had a LOT of success moving our events online and community online, with some events having even more turnout than their in-person versions!

But it’s not just events. We’re thinking holistically about helping members stay calm, feel supported, get work done, and feel connected. So ways to help them make their forced WFH arrangement better fit into that, right?

This morning I got an email from the CEO of ThinkBoard which is the company who we bought our
whiteboards from at Indy Hall. They put together a $15 package that includes a high quality 2’x4’ stick-on whiteboard, marker, and eraser cloth.

BTW this isn’t the same kind of adhesive whiteboard you’ll get on amazon. Those leave marker trails if you forget to erase them for a couple of days. ThinkBoards are really really good (second only to glass whiteboards that cost a fortune and are hard to install).

I’m not making any sort of kickbacks or commission, I just love the product and think this is a great deal. Consider offering this to your members as a simple way to help them out!


Thanks for the shoutout here Alex! Really appreciate it. Happy to answer any questions anyone has :slight_smile:

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