Help us spruce up the wiki and develop some best practices!

Hey friends! Open Coworking is undertaking an effort to spruce up some of the publicly available resources that power this movement, starting with the wiki and the blog. In particular, we’re looking to:

  • Overhaul messy and outdated wiki pages, so people will be more likely to find the information they need and, ultimately, connect with you!
  • Compile best practices from this group so the invaluable information we share with each other every day isn’t lost in the jungle of thousands of forum messages.
    The wiki gets visited about 10,000 times every month, and most of those visits are from people who are learning about coworking for the first time. The more effective we make it, the better chance there is that those people will find you and your community!

If you’d like to help out, we’re creating simple ways to join in on the fun.

To update your city’s wiki page, for instance, you can make use of a new template and editorial guidelines that we’ve developed. You can see some examples of how people have implemented this new scheme in Brussels and Brighton.

If you’d really love to help but are having trouble setting aside the time, never fear! I’ve set some dates when I’m planning on making some updates myself, and I’m inviting you to join at those times to cowork with me.

The schedule is below; click through to RSVP on Facebook:

Coworking wiki spruce-up sessions!

**Let’s compile best practices! **

All of this is possible thanks to the folks who support Open Coworking. We’re looking for supporters to help finance our operations; if you’re interested please contact me or head here to learn more:

Vive le coworking!



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