Help. Collecting my fee but not in your Visa Directory

Hello, I am hoping someone will help me get my site listed in the Visa. I registered back in December and you have been collecting my fee every month since but I don’t see my listing.

I can’t find anywhere for support other than the forum, so I hope this is the right place to request help.

@tonybgoode can you take a look at this? Thanks!

Hey Lee, sorry to hear about your trouble!

I’ve found your account and was able to restore your listing. I’ll follow up via email with more details.

Sorry about this!


Excellent. Thank you so much. How may I get photos and logos restored as well. Are you able to help me with that?

I am sorry, did you see my additional question?

Paging @tonybgoode!

Hi Lee,

Can you email me any information that is missing from your listing page?

[email protected]