Hello! Pleased to meet you

Hello everyone, My name is Nathan Jansch. I used to own and operate a shared office suite in Denver, CO. I still enjoy the coworking / flex office industry and now work with Alliance Virtual Offices. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here and am happy to help out in whatever way that I can.

Hi Nathan-
I am in the Springs and currently looking for co-sharing space available.


Hi Jennifer,

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Are you looking for a coworking space to become a member of, or are you looking to open a coworking space of your own? Either way, I might be able to assist you.


I work with commercial brokers as Operations Manager- we are actively looking for the right spot to open- my boss had one before that I ran for him but this one ill be mine and we will move our existing office into the space as well.
Thanks for responding.

Jenni :slight_smile:

That’s great. Best wishes to you on finding the right spot and with your new location.

Thank you!