Hello from rural Kansas

Hello! My name is Kathleen and I am currently working with Stafford County Economic Development to create a coworking space in St. John, Kansas. We are being awarded a USDA grant to help us renovate, set-up, and operate our space. Beyond providing a conducive work environment, we will be providing digital literacy training and remote job placement assistance to help individuals get enter the remote work economy.

This week we are having an ad hoc gathering on coworking spaces in Kansas. There is a growing number of coworking spaces both in urban and rural communities.

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Hi! We opened June 1st with our Coworking space in Abilene, KS! :slight_smile: We will be at Salina’s gathering on Thursday.

We are in Pratt, KS often, so we would love to stop by your St. John, Kansas space.


Look forward to meeting you!

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We’d love for you to visit. We aren’t currently open. We just received a grant and will be starting renovations on our building soon. We are hoping to have our space open in August.

We also have a slightly different approach. Beyond having a coworking space, we will be providing digital literacy training and support for securing a remote job (membership to FlexJobs, career coaching, etc.).

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That is wonderful news for rural Kansas! I have been working remotely from my home for many years. I work for a federal contractor out of Washington DC doing project analyst work for the Department of Veterans Affairs on a software development project. Working remotely and having reliable broadband internet is a game changer for rural America and opens up so many career opportunities!!

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