Hello from Roseville, CA! Hoping to update product offerings for Co-Working

Hi All,

My name is Sneha (Snay-ha) Lakkaraju (Luck-uh-raj-oo), Marketing Director for Notifii! We’re a SaaS company that provides package management & communications tools traditionally for rental property management, multifamily housing, and universities.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been attracting more and more co-working spaces and I’m hoping to provide some feedback to our product team about what we can change in the product to be more co-working friendly.

Excited to learn about what changes you all are seeing in your space and provide any package management tips and tricks (minus the sales pitch)!

Hi Sneha, I am curious to know more about your SaaS service. I have a virtual mail service and maybe there is potential to collab with your client base?

Potentially! Notifii Track enables users to upload their resident/tenant lists, or link to their directory software, and automate package acceptance notifications. All it takes is a quick photo from the app, and it’ll let your resident know right away. All of the details of the package are saved in the app so if you do mailstops or deliveries, you can pull up the record and mark it as delivered or pull up the record when someone comes to pick up their packages from the mailroom!

You can check out the product on our website!

Sounds like mine might be similar!