Hello from Olympia WA!

Hi! I’m Mike, I own and operate a small coworking office in Olympia WA. We currently have 6 Dedicated Desks, 6 Hot Desks, 2 phone booths, and a meeting room, and a 2nd floor loft space that available to expand into - still figuring out what I’d like to do up there!

You can find photos of the space at the bottom of my website:

I personally use my coworking office to make video games, and run it part-time to give the community a place to work outside their homes. Since it’s a part-time “gig” I don’t do much marketing or advertising, but so far I haven’t needed to - it’s been a pretty great “if you build it they will come” type of situation :slight_smile:

Looking forward to discussing the coworking biz with y’all, see ya!