Hello from New Leaf Initiative

Hi, Iโ€™m the new ED for our coworking space in State College Pa. Our previous community manager was in the google group. We are a small non-profit that runs the coworking space and provides small business and entrepreneurial programming.
Happy to be here, so glad this exists.

Hi Abby!
Iโ€™m Sean, I run Radius in Erie, PA. I come down to State College a few times a year and would like to check out New Leaf the next time Iโ€™m there. I think your location coordinated with BFTP regularly and that weโ€™re both in the CNP footprint. We work closely with BFTP CNP in Erie. If you ever have any questions or want to kick ideas around with other PA coworking operators, just drop a line.
Welcome to the forums!