Hello from Kanawha Design in Vancouver, BC

I’ve worn so many hats since I joined this group in 2007 that I think it might warrant a new introduction. I started as the co-founder of Office Nomads in Seattle, moved on to start Open Coworking to help with the wiki, this group, and coworking.org, developed Nadine, the (only?) open source coworking platform, moved up to Vancouver to work with Ashley on 312 Main, and now I’m full-time consulting with my wife, Katie Davis-Sayles.

Kanawha (pronounced K’Nah) draws on the collection of skills my wife and I have developed over the years. She is a theater lighting and set designer turned architect, and I am a creative technologist and community cultivator. We are not the kind of consultants that know the right answer and you pay us to give it to you. We are curious, engaged individuals that love to join your team and dive into the intricacies of your project with you so we can find the unique solution for your unique circumstance.

We are always interested in meeting new people and finding ways to collaborate. We’ve worked with small towns, big banks, and coworking spaces 1,000 to 100,000 sq ft. We’ve even built a coliving hotel. All along the way we’ve connected with amazing people who are deeply committed to their passions and we’ve helped out where we could.

We’ve met many of you at the various conferences, or by showing up on your doorstep to say hello. I’m looking forward to connecting more and building some cool projects together.

Jacob and Katie
Kanawha Design