Hello Everyone! MoWork CoWorking Spaces

Good evening! My name is Emily Catlett and I am ten (10) days away from having my Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for MoWork Suites and MoWork CoWorking Spaces. I am not new to CoWorking spaces but to running one I am! Please give any insight to a rookie that you can! I am excited to become apart of the community as it is an ever growing community!!!

Heya Emily and welcome to the forum!

First up, and arguably most importantly, thank you for investing in supporting local entrepreneurship and your surrounding neighborhood.

Congrats on getting this far, and best of luck with the opening!

Could you share a bit more about your space (and neigborhood/area), what you have planned for your first few months, and what (if anything) you’d like some tips/insights into? :slight_smile:

Yes welcome. You get extra points for having the coworking core values on your website! Nicely done. You need to get some people in those photos though. Coworking is about flexibility and also reducing isolation and nothing says isolation like empty rooms. It might be tricky to host a photo shoot with social distancing and all but I’m sure you can get creative.


Jacob Sayles
Technical Director
Kanawha Design Studio

Hi Emily,

Bust of luck to you as you open your new location.

If you haven’t already, you might want to double-check that your MW logo doesn’t infringe on any copyrights of the Mountain West Athletic Conference. While the font is different, it looks similar enough that there might be some confusion. Addressing an issue like this at the front end could be a lot easier and cheaper than waiting for it to be a bigger problem down the road.