Hello Coworkers and Community Managers

Hello! I’m writing to y’all from Ten Below Coworking which is located at the end of the road in Ely, Minnesota.

I was blessed with the opportunity to open a coworking place in 2018 and I’m thrilled to report that we now have 80 members in a 780 sq/ft space that serves residents, small businesses, startups, freelancers and visiting professionals.

I have been following this discussion list for years and I look forward to contributing and continuing to learn and grow with each of you.

Hip Hip Hooray for Coworking!

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Congratulations Richard!

I am currently researching/developing a coworking space in a bedroom community of about 15,000. and am super interested in what is working for our more rural areas. Curious, I noticed your Sponsors on your website,are you set up as a non-profit or a business?

Just wanted to say congrats on serving 80 members out of a 780 sq. ft. space. That’s impressive, especially in a town of 3,400 people. Kudos to you!

Hi, and thanks. Ten Below Coworking is a project under the umbrella of Incredible Ely which is in fact a 501©(3). We were awarded a grant in January of 2018 that got us up and running so that we could open our doors by Memorial Day weekend in 2018.

We have been contemplating moving into a larger space while providing business programming similar to the WorkUp Coworking model in Wilmar, MN.

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Thanks. We are looking to expand in 2020 into a possible new space with better visibility and an emphasis on community programming.