Hello all the way from Brazil

Hi guys, nice to meet everyone <3

My name is Ziza and i’m from Campinas, a city near by São Paulo in Brazil. My family and I decided to open a Coworking space back in 2019. Our opening was supposed to happen by the end of march/2020 , but suddenly we had COVID coming here and everything stoped.

We were so sad and shocked, we couldn’t believe. But we continue to believe in our dream and we had our opening at the end of July. It’s been a great journey and we still have so much to learn. Please if you could, take few minutes to visit our website and give us a honest opinion about.

We really need it. Thank you so much. wishing a better year for us all. www.oslo-coworking.com


Hello, It’s great to know that you got your dream and your coworking is now open. If you want to promote your coworking space free, you can add it to our directory.

Hola, me alegro de saber que conseguiste tu sueño y que el coworking este abierto. Si quieres dar a conocer tu espacio de coworking de forma gratuita, puedes añadirlo a nuestro directorio.


Best regards.
Mis mejores deseos.

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Thank you so much! So glad to have support here! it means a lot to us <3

Muito bonito o espaço e o site, parabéns!

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Obrigada pela força amigo Brasileiro! De onde fala?

Um grande abraço!